Before departure
  • If you are going on a fishing trip, we strongly advise you to have your insurances sorted out.


    1. Travel guarantee.

    You automatically include this insurance when you book a package holiday with us (consisting of multiple items; flight, accommodation, boat and tranfer or rental car). The costs for this are € 7,50 per person. This travel guarantee is for the protection of the customer and offers protection in the event of an unexpected bankruptcy of our company. Should we go bankrupt, you will always get your money back from your fishing trip. 


    2. Travel and accident insurance.

    This insurance offers protection against inconveniences such as physical damage, theft and material damage during the fishing trip. So, if you break your leg or a fishing rod. With this insurance you can get (partial) compensation for this. The exact conditions will then be stated in the policy conditions. PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your own health insurance this insurance is highly recommended. It can also cover any medical costs for treatment abroad. There are quite a few health insurances that do not or only partially reimburse (emergency) treatment abroad. It is therefore wise to check in advance with your own health insurance company whether medical treatment abroad will be compensated.


    3. Cancellation insurance.

    This insurance offers protection against unwanted cancellation of the trip. In case of illness of a family member, death or own illness, the trip can often not continue and it depends on the moment of cancellation whether and how much money you get back. With this insurance you will get a full refund if you meet the conditions. PLEASE NOTE. This insurance must be arranged as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after booking the trip. For cancellations we apply our general terms & conditions.