How does it work?
  • The website works like a regular webshop. You can place different locations in your list of favorites using the "favorite" button. This way you can easily find them later on and compare them. When you have finished "shopping" you can request a quotation for your desired fishing trip(s) from the list of favorites. Just fill in the form and we will start to work for you right away.

    We will then send you a quotation by e-mail. You can view this quotation online and easily approve it by clicking on the green "Accept offer" button at the bottom of the webpage. You will then receive an automated confirmation form which you need to fill in. As soon as it is completed you can send it to us and the booking is confirmed. Then the billing process starts and you will receive the first invoice by e-mail for the deposit and automatically the final invoice is send to you 8 weeks before departure for the remaining amount.

    If the quotation is not completely to your liking you can click on the button "Contact" in the e-mail and ask additional questions to get the quotation adjusted to your liking.

    If you create an account in the system you will find all relevant information about your fishing trip. This way, for each trip, all communication and information will end up in your own account, which you can easily view and retrieve at any time. Also you will receive all your travel documents in your account.