How does it work?
  • The prices of our trips as mentioned on the website are based on a maximum occupancy of the property / boat in the cheapest period and do not include ferry, flights, transfers or rental cars. It is therefore the most advantageous option and it is a starting price. If you go to the location in high season with 3 instead of 4 people, the price per person is higher than mentioned on the website. Add to this the cost of the flights or transport. But because the costs for flights or ferries vary due to the date they are booked, we left them out.

    If you request a quote with a desired date, we will send you a detailed quotation and you will know exactly where you stand. No strings attached and also free of charge. In the end, all our trips are custom made and it is difficult to put an exact price on them right away.

    For practically all locations in Norway, the prices are listed at the bottom of the webpage of the relevant locations so that you can easily estimate that yourself.