At the location
  • We are fishermen ourselves and we want to put back as many fish as possible. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating a fish that you catch once in a while. We also take a fish with us once in a while at the tropical locations to be cooked in the local restaurant in the evening. It is handy to first ask if that is possible. Not all restaurants want that. But fresh tuna, wahoo or mahi mahi is really enjoyable! And when we are in Norway we sometimes take cod and halibut with us. But no more than the local laws allow us to. In Norway you are allowed to take home 18 kilos of fish fillet per person.

    Think carefully in advance whether or not you want to take fish with you. For example, if you go fishing for ling, redfish or lumpfish, these species cannot be returned once you have caught them. These species will then ensure that your quota will be reached quickly. And if you also want to bring cod, saithe or halibut, it is wise to stop fishing for the bottom species like ling etc. as they can not be returned alive to the sea.

    Sometimes we also hear that at the last minute a nice special fish is caught and taken home. Then eventually other fish, already caught and filleted, are left behind. The local people however can not do anything with this and this fish is almost always destroyed. So think carefully in advance about which fish you want to take with you. And there is no better moment than to let a fish swim away after you have taken a nice picture of it.